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Ariana Grande Addresses ‘Concerns’ About Her Weight, Asking People To Stop Body Shaming Her

Ariana Grande Addresses ‘Concerns’ About Her Weight, Asking People To Stop Body Shaming Her

In a rare message to her followers, Ariana Grande addresses recent concerns about her health.
The 29-year-old singer and actor posted a video to TikTok on April 11 in which she frankly discussed recent comments about her body and prior health issues. Grande said at the beginning of the video that she often avoids talking about rumors. She did, however, choose to make an exception. She said, “I simply wanted to address your concerns about my body and talk briefly about what it means to a person with a body to be seen…to be paid this careful attention.

“I think we should be gentler and less at ease commenting on people’s bodies, no matter what,” she concluded. She acknowledged that some social media users might have good intentions and believe they are being complimentary, but she advised against discussing other people’s bodies altogether.

She said, “I think we should help each other work toward ways to appreciate someone or to disregard anything that you see that you don’t like. Following remarks on her thinness on her Instagram pictures, the singer responded. The “Thank U, Next” singer then emphasized in her video reaction that there isn’t just one perfect representation of beauty and health.

“I know, personally for me, that the body that you’ve been comparing my current body to was the unhealthiest version of my body,” she said. When I looked the way, you would consider healthy, I was taking a lot of antidepressants, drinking heavily while taking them, eating terribly, and at my lowest point in life. But that wasn’t actually healthy for me.

Even though Grande claims she should not feel forced to be open and share her personal troubles with the public, she claimed she wanted to talk about her health issues in case “good might come from it.” Additionally, she wished to convey the idea that everybody is experiencing something.
Therefore, even if you are coming from a kind or compassionate place, the other person is usually working on it or has a support system that they are working with. You just never know,” she said.
So, be kind to one another and to yourself, Grande said. She expressed her appreciation for her supporters and reaffirmed their inherent beauty as she concluded the three-minute short.

She said, “I think you’re gorgeous no matter what you’re going through, what weight you are, how you use cosmetics these days, or whether you’ve had cosmetic surgery or not. Fans praised the TikTok video and echoed Grande’s thoughts in the comments section. One individual remarked, “Ur so sweet.” “I’m so sorry that this has been a recurring problem.” It never had to get to this stage for her to feel the need to fix how she looked, another person said. We adore you, Ariana, and you are stunning. The world is yours.

The actor, who has been busy filming the upcoming, two-part movie adaptation of “Wicked,” made a rare, open appearance on social media in the video. Glinda has been portrayed by Grande.
Earlier this year, she posted a video of herself singing along to “Over the Rainbow” from “The Wizard of Oz,” whetting fans’ appetites for her interpretation of the upbeat heroine.
In 2024, the first installment of “Wicked” is expected to be released.

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