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The Gomez Law

Our team of attorneys allocates most of their time and resources to help business and individual clients with their legal matters and make sure we offer thorough legal counsel through the entire legal process. Where We Practice Our global expertise is unparalleled, we have represented and counseled businesses and individuals all over the world, including…

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A Taste of French Elegance: Guerlain’s Extravaganza at Hotel Granduca in Houston

Guerlain, the iconic French luxury brand renowned for its timeless elegance, recently hosted an enchanting event at Houston's esteemed Hotel Granduca. Just a few weeks ago, from 10 am in the morning until 6 pm in the afternoon, this extraordinary gathering immersed VIP clients and the Princess Magazine team into Guerlain's opulent world. Amidst the…

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Resilient Ukrainian Beauty: A Collaborative Journey of Inspiration

Ukrainian fashion stylist Natalie Marinie is on a mission to showcase the enduring beauty of Ukrainian women amidst challenging circumstances. Through collaborations with local photographers and models, Marinie celebrates the resilience and grace that emanates from the heart of Ukraine. Marinie's vision embraces the unique essence of Ukrainian beauty. By collaborating with local talents, she…

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The Intersection of Style and Cityscape: A Captivating Fashion Shoot in Houston

Fashion has the power to reflect the spirit of a city, and photographer Katerina Gorodnyaya's recent shoot beautifully captured the essence of Houston's downtown streets. Through her lens, she showcased a casual white sporty street style, featuring simple yet chic outfits that perfectly harmonized with the city's architectural backdrop. Gorodnyaya's ability to merge fashion and…

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