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Fall 2022 – 2023 Makeup Trends

One of the impeccable looks you can give yourself today is the nude color or the trendy bronze highlights with a good body foundation. Using makeup, you apply the nude to make your face look as natural as possible. If you use a different shade of lipstick, then it won’t be called nude makeup look!

Nude makeup looks are characterized by skin-tone inspired shades, leaning into a more natural makeup look and offering subtle shadow and light instead of overly strobed or contoured faces.

At first glance, nude makeup seems easy. It’s barely there and mimics your natural skin. But there’s a lot more to it than that. It’s about picking shades for your eyes and lips that are nude—but also won’t wash you out and still add some dimension to your look.

If you’re looking for the best makeup trends for fall 2023 – 2023 and beyond, a minimalist bronzed face is your best option. With cold days just around the corner, a bronzed style could now be stepping to the front of the line.

Rather than using bronzer to create a chiseled look, try tantoring. It is exactly what it sounds like: contouring with self-tanner for a more natural, effortless style.

Don’t forget to use a gold or bronze highlighter that you can find in the Huda Beauty New line. It matches all skin types and colors. Remember that brown colors are always the best choice for the year’s fall season.

Photographer: Kristian Aguiar

Models: Florence Garcia, Mia Davalos Castaneda, Destiny

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