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How To Prepare Your Diner Table for The Thanksgiving

How To Prepare Your Diner Table for The Thanksgiving

We’re fast approaching the day of Thanksgiving, and we all need to prepare for the time we shall be spending with our family and friends. For most of us, Thanksgiving has been a norm preparing a dinner being that most conventional method. Therefore, we want to make suggestions that you can follow in spicing up the dinner table this season for your loved ones to get a different experience.

First, select the colors of your dishes keenly so that they complement your table linens. You can either choose a printed table cloth and solid runner or solid table cloth and solid runner or solid table cloth with a design embedded for the table lines. The great idea is to start with a solid color that you’ll later compliment with an eye-catching runner.

An interesting twist you might create on a Thanksgiving table is to take Gerber daisy or sunflower, cut the significant part of the stem off and leave a couple of inches where you can use glass stones or rocks for anchoring the stem down at the bottom of a low glass vase filled with water.

If you wish, you can add a floating candle to get a stylish, low arrangement by selecting Thanksgiving flowers.

Candles are an incredible addition because they make the thanksgiving table merrier while setting a nice mood for the event.

Instead of using glass votives, why not as part of your Thanksgiving table decorations, use mini-pumpkins or green acorn squash, hollow out the center, and then place a votive candle inside. Now you have a creative twist and a conversation starter on your dinner table or buffet.

You’ll also want to compliment these vegetable votives with magnolia leaf table place cards. Simply pick up a bunch of magnolia leaves from a florist and use a gold metallic pen to write your guest’s name on the leaf. You can also use maple leaves as well for these place cards. In fact, why not use a combination of maple leaves, silk, and real Thanksgiving flowers as part of your Thanksgiving table decorations.

Clustering or grouping different flowers on the table for the evening or purchasing some rose petals and placing them on the table will also provide extra appeal through color.

We hope these ideas will be helpful come the festive season when you’re planning for thanksgiving events.

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