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Haya Haddad – Narrative Poem: Opportunities Lost 

Haya Haddad – Narrative Poem: Opportunities Lost 

Called college quits after many frights.   
After many inspirations, the brain takes hints. 
Opportunities lost, in big seminar rooms, and public health efforts. All I wanted was to become a helping part of human disaster relief programs, but I chose to quit before I begun, professors disappointed, family confused, and I dreamed of coming back after a long journey, yet, I never did go back, my dream is still vast. 
Take another chance you might become a cast. 
Running into the wild endless journeys. 
No shelter and living without worries. 
They speak from a far, a distant star. 
They speak in a letter, and a car. 
Family cries, sleepless nights. 
Family ties are rooted in heights. 
Take a chance a spirit is a dance. 
With little stance it is nothing but a chance. 
 A humanitarian at heart and no plot. 
It takes a spot in the midst of a jot.

Haya Haddad

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