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Stars Whose Names Will Make Headlines Sooner Than Anyone Could Expect

Stars Whose Names Will Make Headlines Sooner Than Anyone Could Expect

As we near the end of 2021, a fresh batch of celeb musicians, actors, and models will become the subject of conversation. Most Americans might not be familiar with the names like Holly Humberstone, Lauren Ridloff, and Ana de Armas very well now, but, believe you this, they might be the women everyone will be talking about come January next year because of the effort they are blending into their talents. 

From streaming singers to actors who will be entertaining you by the comfort of the sofa to watching TV shows, from the stage to the models they copy, it’s time to learn the names of the greatest stars of the next decade.

First, Josha Stradowski is a growing actor who started this career as a kid in musicals. In high school, he was given roles in TV shows and had been performing in theaters ever since graduating. He is featured in The Wheel of Time- Rand Al’Thor. 

Madeleine Madden, an actress in the Dora and the Lost City of Gold, is an upcoming artist from Australia who might take the industry to another level. She has also played prominent roles in Mystery Road (2018) and Picnic at Hanging Rock (2018).

Haley Bennett is known as a natural talent whose presence on stage is usually striking. She continues establishing herself as one of the most dynamic actresses in Hollywood. Upcoming, Bennett will star opposite Austin Stowell in Carlo Mirabella-Davis’s SWALLOW, on which she also serves as an executive producer.

Similarly, the Californian Eva Anderson has played significant roles in Black Widow (2021), Peter Pan & Wendy (2022), and Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2016). The young star was born in Los Angeles on Nov 3, 2007, as Ever Gabo Anderson.

Then there is this teenager, Violet McGraw, whose talent has been primarily hailed by those who have seen her works. The actress was born Violet Elizabeth McGraw on Apr 22, 2011, in California, United States. She is popularly known for her works in both filmed and televised shows. Violet’s passion for acting started from a young age where she received her debut credit role in 2018 in the TV series. In the future, this is a star who will be making news and headlines not only in the United States by the world because her talent is real. 

Yifei Liu is another huge name at her birthplace, China, at 32. She is classified under the “new Four Dan actresses,” which refers to the women who can bring in the most box-office bucks. Interestingly, she already has a series of movies under her belt. In 2020, Liu brought her power to the U.S. with Disney’s live-action remake of Mulan. Though not well known in other parts of the world currently, Liu will be on the list of the big names over the next few years. 

Other celebs to watch out for include Samara Weaving, Lashana Lynch, and Dixie Egerickx. Being cast in the prequel pilot to Game of Thrones is a big deal that the 14-year-old Dixie Egerickx acquired to build her name and showcase her potential. In addition, she is featured on stage (Oresteia on London’s West End), and she’s headed for prominent roles in the upcoming Gemma Arterton film Summerland and as Mary Lennox in the new remake of The Secret Garde. This has given her opportunities to continue growing her name even massively. 

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