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Summer Fashion Tips and Tricks for Girls

Are you worried about how your next summer’s outfits? I have an idea for you; think about the elegance that a pink floating dress might look on your adorable body! Yes, select the most suitable scenes with your favorite photographer for a memorable photo session. But before you get there, it might be necessary to consider a few more ideas to make your looks even more appealing. With your makeup on, try something unique with your makeup artists and photographer, something to give you smokey eyes in possibly a light blue floating dress. You may also like random flowers either on your dresses on just on your open shoulders. Some people might prefer a ribbon on their wig too to give them the look of a princess. Lock this summer with these fashion ideas, and you might actually look like one of your favorite models out there!

Women & Fiere Event

Women are special and key pillars of society. That’s why The Princess Magazine organized a white event to celebrate this women’s month our way, providing an incredible networking platform for attendants across diverse backgrounds. The event, which took place at The Moran City Center, was planned by Eventum by Numan and took place on March 26th, 2022, between 4.30 pm and 7.00 pm. the Princess Magazine had a chance to celebrate the international women’s month and the spring. We attribute the success of these events to our partners, whom we acknowledge and give special thanks to. Therefore, our special thanks go to Guerlain for being our guest of honor, Darwish photography, DJ Rawaa for the entertainment, the Moran hotel in the city center for the hospitality and nice accommodation, harpist Joanna Whitsett for the beautiful and magnificent music, and a particular special note of thanks to everyone else who attended. Because of you all, we had such a fantastic time together.

The Night of the Superstars

The Night of Superstars is an annual event that began in 2005 to celebrate the abilities and tenacity of the remarkable students and young adults with special needs, the Superstars! The simple but transformative event started as a small event of 12 Superstars and 100 guests in a small dinner theatre but has since grown ten times the size and will soon be launching in other cities across the United States. Founded by Greg Johnson, it was intended to be a one-time event, but it attracted and gained overwhelming popularity that it started to host annually. The night of superstars features an award-winning show style that has gone supernova. The event is supported by over 800 community leaders and leading businesses in Houston. This year’s event took a place on April 9th at Westin Galleria Hotel, Galleria Ballroom, between 5.30 pm to 9 pm. The Princess Magazine was among the guests at this award-winning event that brought many other stakeholders together in supporting our young superstars, who are indeed the future of our American society.

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