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The 5 Best Movies New to Netflix in November and December 2022

The 5 Best Movies New to Netflix in November and December 2022

The batch of new movies on Netflix is full of entertaining new classics that are perfect for rewatching. The new lineup has a lot of great comedies, thrillers, and sports movies to help you unwind and forget about your problems. Even more exciting is the fact that this month sees the premiere of “Enola Holmes 2,” starring Millie Bobby Brown, on Netflix.  Read on for a summary of the seven top films added on Netflix in November and December.

1. Moneyball

Moneyball, by Michael Lewis, was a revolutionary look at sabermetrics and how a few math geniuses changed baseball forever. To be sure, it was still an economics book at its core. Much work was involved in adapting it to a narrative film, but Brad Pitt and director Bennett Miller did a great job.

It helped that Aaron Sorkin wrote a great story, but Brad Pitt’s portrayal of Oakland Athletics general manager Billy Beane was outstanding. Streaming “Moneyball” is the perfect pick-me-up if you’re feeling down as the MLB postseason ends.

2. Notting Hill

Every once in a while, a good romantic comedy is the only thing that will cure that itch. And there is no better romantic comedy than “Notting Hill.” This comes as little surprise, given Richard Curtis’s reputation as one of the genre’s most prolific authors.

The story of “Notting Hill” follows Grant, a British bookstore owner, as his life is flipped upside down when an American movie star (Roberts) visits the business. You probably know what happened afterward.

3. Still Alice

It’s hard to believe that anyone could ever forget how brilliant an actress Julianne Moore is now. Still, her recent work in “Still Alice” serves as a fine reminder of her abilities.

The film follows an English professor whose life is turned upside down by an unexpected diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. Moore won her first Oscar for her subtle performance, transforming a tragic subject into an emotionally engaging film.

4. Training Day

If you can’t wait for Antoine Fuqua’s next slave escape drama, “Emancipation,” now is a terrific opportunity to watch the film that kicked off his career. In this groundbreaking police drama written by David Ayer, an LAPD rookie (Ethan Hawke) spends a day with a corrupt narcotics officer who uses his position to make money off of the city’s criminal underbelly.  Washington wins his second Oscar for a performance that is widely considered to be one of the best of his career.

5. Up in the Air

George Clooney played one of the defining parts of his latter career in Jason Reitman’s homage to business travel, demonstrating that this unfairly attractive movie star has only improved with age.

Clooney plays a corporate advisor whose job is to fire employees across the country, but he learns that a new romance could disrupt his preferred life of solitude. The film has always been superb, but it has a very different impact after experiencing a global pandemic that made travel difficult.

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