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The Best In-Demand Jobs for 2023

Do you want to advance your career or make a change, especially now that we are undergoing a global economic crisis? By 2023, at least 8 million additional employments will be created in the United States alone. You should take stock of your professional and personal aspirations today.  By perusing the Best Jobs 2023 list, you can determine whether your current abilities are transferable to a new field or whether you should consider switching careers entirely with the help of distance education.

A list of 2023’s most promising occupations is as follows:

1. Data Scientist

Haven’t you heard yet? With the advent of big data, the job market has experienced a veritable “gold rush,” showing no signs of slowing down.  In 2023, jobs involving data science will remain in high demand. Jobs in data science will be in demand until at least 2030, reports Business Insider. There is a catch now, though.   Data science encompasses a wide variety of disciplines, specializations, and occupations. This might be especially perplexing for someone just starting or trying to move careers.  Thus, you can consult our Comprehensive Guide to Data Science for help.

2. Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning engineer openings increased by 32% between 2019 and 2020, per LinkedIn. The need for machine learning engineers shows no signs of slowing down as many firms look into the field to fortify themselves against the inevitable competition disruptions. The rise of machine learning has made the position of machine learning engineer the second-best job in 2023.

3. Nurse Practitioner

Business Insider predicts that nurse practitioners will be the most in-demand professionals in 2023. One of the most promising industries of the future is healthcare, so this makes sense. Becoming a registered nurse is the initial stage, and then expanding your knowledge and expertise is essential.

4. Marketing Analyst

Similarly, marketing analyst positions are a spinoff of data science, but because they do not fit the main profile, we have included them separately. A marketing analyst’s job is to make actionable conclusions from large amounts of data on markets, campaigns, and more.  It is one of the greatest occupations for 2023 and calls for scientific understanding and business savvy.

5. Network Security

Did you know that cybercrime is projected to cost the world $6 trillion annually? Since the epidemic, cybercrime has increased by nearly 600% as well.  There has never been a better opportunity to enter the field of network security than right now.  Experts in network security are tasked with protecting sensitive information for the company, its customers, and business associates.  Considering how much money is at stake, there is a great potential for financial gain.

6. Blockchain Engineer

According to studies, the blockchain market is expected to expand at a CAGR of 85.9% between 2020 and 2030. It’s no surprise that blockchain-related work will be in high demand in 2023.  The blockchain technology that underpins modern cryptocurrencies and banking applications is expected to experience explosive expansion over the coming decade.

7. Digital Marketer

Do you know that the typical American digital marketing manager is 38 years old? Digital marketing is another emerging sector similar to blockchain technology.  For this reason, it attracts bright, ambitious young people. Many businesses relied on digital marketing strategies before the pandemic hit.  The importance of ensuring that particular occupations remain relevant as new disruptive technologies enter the market cannot be overstated. This list of the top jobs in 2023 might help you choose promising fields.

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