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What you need to know about Poppers?

“Popper”, is a slang term used for drugs of the chemical class called alkyl nitrites. They are used mainly for recreational use or sexual enhancement. These types of products come in liquid form, and they are not made to be consumed but rather inhaled. However, ingesting or inhaling these chemicals is unsafe and can be life threatening and results in severe harm.

“Poppers”, are unapproved products sold online, gas stations, and adult novelty stores. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), “they are often marketed as nail polish removers or cleaning products and are packaged in small bottles appearing similar to energy shots”. They come in different brand names include SuperRush, Jungle Juice, Quick Sliver, Rush, and Extreme Formula. Inhaling nitrates causes relaxation of smooth muscles, in turn it causes dilation of blood vessels resulting in an increase of heart rate and blood flow through the body producing a sensation of heat and excitement that usually lasts for few minutes.

Such chemicals carry many serious short- and long-term risks. The side effects can range from short term effects such as headache, dizziness, increase in body temperature, drop in blood pressure, to long potentially life-threatening effects such as difficulty breathing, methemoglobinemia- a blood disorder that causes inadequate oxygen supply to body tissues- heart arrhythmia, and brain death. Although Severe nitrite methemoglobinemia maybe treated with methylene blue, the use of these chemicals should be avoided due to the health problems they cause.

Recently there has been an increase in reports of deaths and hospitalization due to ingestion and inhalation of nitrite poppers. The FDA advises consumers not to purchase or use nitrite “poppers” because these products can result in serious adverse health effects, including death, when ingested or inhaled.

FDA lists few recommendations to the public regarding the use of Poppers:

  • Do not purchase or use nitrite “poppers” for recreational use or sexual enhancement.
  • Be aware of the serious risks, including death, associated with the use of these products and stop using them immediately. Discard any unused product.
  • Contact your healthcare providers immediately if you are experiencing illness after using these products.
  • Contact your healthcare providers if you have recently used these products and are concerned about your health.

No one should ingest or inhale these products under any circumstances and parents need to be vigilant and involved to prevent their teens from using “poppers” and educate them about the adverse health outcomes.

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