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Why Christina Flach’s Success Story is an all-time Inspirational to Women in all Industries

Why Christina Flach’s Success Story is an all-time Inspirational to Women in all Industries

Christina Flach is a Celebrity Makeup and Hair Artist. Besides, she is the creator and CEO of Pretty Girl Makeup. Christina is available onsite in Marin, San Francisco, Napa, Sonoma, Carmel, and Cabo San Lucas for those looking to connect with her. Her services extend to Weddings, Photoshoots, E-commerce, Make-overs, Film, Video, and TV. Her love of beauty, fashion, music, and art are the inspiring pillars of her work. Besides, she aims to make her clients look and feel beautiful on the inside and out.

Christina Flach is an inspirational figure to many women not only in the United States but across the world. In a recent interview with The Princess Magazine, we learned that this beauty enthusiast has been through so many challenges in her life, but she chose to stand strong and emerge victoriously. Christina was married to professional tennis player Ken Flach. In 2018, he died after a brief bout of Sepsis. Since then, Christina has been dedicated to raising public awareness of the danger of Sepsis, the symptoms to watch for, and the importance of receiving swift medical attention. She has partnered with Sepsis Alliance to produce awareness campaigns highlighting Ken’s story.
One of the things that most of Christina’s fans do not know about is that she lost her husband, a son, and a work associate, bringing so much grief in her life. For Christina, this was never easy. And any moment she would neglect praying, working out or meditation broke her spirits into hopelessness and helplessness.

Fortunately, the death of her husband inspired the creation of the Ken Flach Foundation to create awareness of Sepsis, which was the cause of his death. Christina explained regretfully that this is a curable condition, noting that she suffered from the same condition after the death of her husband and was able to get help in time. Through this foundation, she sensitizes the people of being on the lookout not to be consumed by the disease. Most of her work with the foundation is inspired by her love for Ken, and helping other people fulfills her. Some of the platforms she has used in speaking about Sepsis to the people include Fox News, KTVU, NBC Bay Area, Tennis Channel, Quiet Warrior, ABC Bay Area, CBS, Marin Independent Journal, Positive Phil Talk Show, Tolbert and Lund, DR Channel Sirius Radio, Marin Magazine.

There was an incredible inspiration to the foundation of the Pretty Girl Makeup, which Christina Flach owns. During the interview, she revealed that this idea traces her late mother’s illness. When her mother was diagnosed with cancer, she started to undergo chemotherapy, leading to her hair loss. Christina thought of giving her a nicer look one day when she was going on a date with her husband. Christina offered to do some makeup even though she had no idea about what she was doing. The CEO of Pretty Girl Makeup notes that she was really fulfilled by her mother’s reaction after the makeup. After the transformation, she felt much better, teaching Christina a lifetime lesson that makeup gives people confidence. She adds that makeup brings the best version of you gives people inner satisfaction with themselves. She worked on people and learned from people. Besides, magazines were among the powerful tools in her success in the makeup industry.

The story of the rise of Christian Flach is incredible. She was raised from doing make-up for her mother her family and later found her exposure when she started working with photographers. Over the years, Christina managed to get a wide pool of clients, most of whom include big names, brands, and celebrities, through hard work, persistence, not being too demanding when she was growing. Interestingly, she never even went to school for classes but was largely driven by passion and creativity.

The previous clients that Chrstina Flach has worked with include Hillary Swank, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, 27th White House Press Secretary Dana Perino, Senator Ted Cruz, ABC Disney President Anne Sweeney, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich, Gold Medalist Christian Taylor, NBA Star Jaylen Brown, Journey, Bobby Flay, Tyler Florence, Italian Vogue, Forbes, Time, People, New York Times, Gap, APPLE, Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, Benefit Cosmetics ELLE, Food Network, Facebook, HP, George Kotsiopoulos, Carolina Herrera, APPLE, Arlo Home Security, AAA, Alice Radio, Red Carpet Bay Area, Bay Area LIFE, Jane Wiedlin of the Go Go’s, FOX, CNN, ABC, CBS, Burberry, Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Vanity Fair, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Bloomingdales, Restoration Hardware, Uniqlo, Road Twenty-Two, Pottery Barn, Stella & Dot, Mark and Graham, Boys+ Arrows, Third Love, People, InStyle, Us Weekly, Life & Style, OK!, Better Home and Garden, San Francisco Chronicle, Nylon, Instacart, Vionic, 7×7.

Christina reminds every woman out there that they should focus on their dreams and never give up. They must never keep thinking about what would not have happened because this might destroy their course. Besides, she encourages that one gets what they focus on and that they must never insist on doing something that they do not like. Anyone who is not trying is failing; thus, fear must never be a reason not to try new endeavors.

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