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Why You Should Spend Time with your Loved Ones

Why You Should Spend Time with your Loved Ones

Spending time with our families, friends, and beloved people is essential in developing positive vibes and an environment of love and care. After all, family is always paramount.
Quality time is a moment where we listen to and respond to those, we love with an unconscious intention to connect. And we can all agree to the fact that every person has the right to feel this love, the bold love of family if not have a circle of beloved people such as close friends.
If we pose for a moment and reflect on today’s life encounters, you’d agree with me that adults are finding less time to spend time with their loved ones and more time for work. The solitude turns many into screens for entertainment or social media.
Children, on the other hand, are spending more time on their own. Over time with this trend, we create an environment of cold and distant associations where people hardly connect. They lack values and interest for family or any intimacy whatsoever.

But believe you me, studies have shown that family time offers many benefits, including and not limited to creating strong emotional bonds between family members, good performance, building confidence, and improving communication skills. These benefits cut across both children and adults.
Studies have shown that family time has a more positive impact on children’s behavior, attitudes, and personalities as they grow and transition into adulthood. Family activities that involve both the parents and children like cooking, playing board games and ball games, or even household chores encourage the child to be creative. They also enable the parents to know the strengths and talents of their child and so to encourage good habits. These events are also special memories.
Similarly, discussing, reliving, and reminiscing these memorable moments can keep them alive and evoke a willingness to create new ones as they carry on with their lives.
In a study that took almost 70 years, scientists followed thousands of children in Britain to establish how they are doing in terms of health, education, and overall thriving. The observed parents who spent quality time talking and listening to their children, teaching them letters and numbers, taking them on trips, reading to them daily and maintaining a regular bedtime, being emotionally warm. They observed that the total effects of such small, obvious events are much greater than the rare great ones. They make a difference in developing a balanced child to transition to a successful adult who can make informed decisions in life.

Time spent with loved ones also helps individuals to loosen up.
Holidays are such great times to ignite laughter and bring cheer. Such interactions have health benefits to people, including coping with stress. Many people rely on family and friends to relieve their stress by talking to them about their problems.
The emotional support provided by speaking up to loved ones promotes one’s psychological wellbeing.
A study found that people who view their friends and families as supportive reported a greater sense of meaning in life and felt they had a stronger sense of purpose. Surprisingly it also increases lifespan and aids in a healthier and happier life.
Other benefits of spending time with your immediate family impact on the emotional wellbeing, which impacts on the career.
Experts suggest that professionals with stable family life are likely to achieve more than those who do not have a very comfortable or fulfilling relationship with their immediate families. These are some of the benefits that spending time with loved ones can bring to our lives.

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