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Princess of the Month

The Saudi Arabian Medical Scientist “Hayat Sindi” – Pioneering the Pathway in Science

In the realm of inspiring women figures, Hayat Sindi stands tall. This month's edition of Princess Magazine shines a light on this trailblazer and celebrates her indomitable spirit. Our "Princess of the Month" series recognizes women worldwide who have significantly impacted their respective fields. Sindi, a beacon of hope and perseverance, personifies this accolade perfectly.…

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Sheryl Sandberg

The Inspiring Story of Sheryl Sandberg, a Successful Woman in Business We are on the cusp of eliminating discrimination based on gender in the workplace. Women are increasingly entering the workforce, and an increasing number are assuming positions of authority and successfully running businesses on pace with, if not surpassing, their male colleagues. Present-day firms…

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Why Christina Flach’s Success Story is an all-time Inspirational to Women in all Industries

Christina Flach is a Celebrity Makeup and Hair Artist. Besides, she is the creator and CEO of Pretty Girl Makeup. Christina is available onsite in Marin, San Francisco, Napa, Sonoma, Carmel, and Cabo San Lucas for those looking to connect with her. Her services extend to Weddings, Photoshoots, E-commerce, Make-overs, Film, Video, and TV. Her…

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