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Fast Food Made at Home but Healthy for Kids

Fast Food Made at Home but Healthy for Kids

Fast foods are unpopular because they use cheap and unhealthy alternatives. As statistics of the number of obese Americans continue to rise, you don’t want your kids to be victims and shall try as much to look for healthy options to keep them going.
But does this mean you’ll do away with fast foods completely? No, there are still healthy options that you can prepare for your kids at home and give them the same fun and tasteful experience they would have if they dived into a fast-food restaurant. And sometimes yours could be even more tasteful and better given the careful selection of the ingredients.
So, what fast foods can you make at home that will be healthy for your kids?
Soya chickpea burgers

The recipe for this option is balanced to give your kids the most nutrients they deserve for energy and growth. Don’t worry about the negative reputation that burgers are unhealthy. It all has to do with the ingredient selection during the preparation stage.

Indeed, this is one of the best fast-food options you won’t miss out on making at home because they ate chock-full of protein and essential nutrients. To give your young ones the best taste they deserve, try to make them the soya chickpea burgers that are brimming with flavor and fun.

Quick khakhra pizza

Here’s a super simple after-school snack that combines exquisite Italian flavors with our very own crunchy khakhra.
And you don’t have to worry or question whether this is a healthy meal because it is from the ingredients. Khakhra is a whole-wheat thinly topped with a delicious trio of sauce, toppings, and cheese. Do we need to say more? Try this one out with your kids at home; you will surely enjoy seeing them salivating for more.

Chocolate fudge-sicles

Who doesn’t love an ice-cold chocolate popsicle, especially when it can be made at home in a jiffy? These fudge sicles are super rich in chocolate flavor.
They are made using simple pantry ingredients and carry no additives. Thus, they are also safe and healthy when given to your kids at home when you’re relaxing and waiting for the main meal.
Chilli-lime baked sweet potato fries

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