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Haya Haddad – When Purity Arrives

When Purity Arrives:

The most beautiful person in your life, is the one you encounter after a really good prayer. The one that is God sent. The one that lights up what the world has dimmed in you. When at one point in life, you have met yourself, your maker, and yet to meet another who inhibits all and all of everything pure in this world. That is a treasure to be kept, tucked away, in the seed of the heart. A living flame that ignited the light with in, again. And left a trace of hope and love. That people of pure love and pure light do exist in this world. Thank you dear for being who you are, and for showing up exactly as that. 

End The Fight:

The day you left, I chose not to fight, I let it go. I deeply wanted you to see the truth. The lies and the love. Yet, I found myself, alone. But, not lonely. The creeping of self-distraction found a home in your space. When you left, I felt heavenly peace. Yet, I forgot, you left your things, your prana is still here. It stole my essence, again. Now, spirit is trying to survive, the mind thinks of a new plan, it does… a big act, a facade of this and that, it worked…not for long. Deeper than before, I sense a love, a wholesome life. It exists, it does. With or without you, the show must go on. It must go on… 

I can only miss what I have lost of myself. The heart knows how to love once. And how to live twice. 

Haya Haddad

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