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Haya Haddad – I Love You

I love you …

Maybe God kept me away from you too. To protect me. 
At least you knew, you knew how to hold my heart in a mature way without hurting it. You knew one thing that you had to meet me. We knew nothing would come after it. 
Yet, a whole world of love was exposed. A sort of a pure soul recognition in away. Something we couldn’t hide from one another. We were exposed and our souls fully naked in the here and now and the ever after. You and I were divine love. We didn’t have to touch to feel this but when we did. It was heavenly bliss, heavenly peace, and utter most heavenly truth. For your heart and my heart are one. I love you forever more. And many more lifetimes to come, forget me not. I will hold you near and dear next to the love of God for me. I adore you, every inch of light in you. I love you. 

Haya Haddad

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