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Resilient Ukrainian Beauty: A Collaborative Journey of Inspiration

Resilient Ukrainian Beauty: A Collaborative Journey of Inspiration

Ukrainian fashion stylist Natalie Marinie is on a mission to showcase the enduring beauty of Ukrainian women amidst challenging circumstances. Through collaborations with local photographers and models, Marinie celebrates the resilience and grace that emanates from the heart of Ukraine.

Marinie’s vision embraces the unique essence of Ukrainian beauty. By collaborating with local talents, she captures the multifaceted nature of Ukrainian femininity, highlighting the diverse expressions of beauty within the country.

Ukraine has faced its fair share of difficulties, but Marinie’s work serves as a powerful testament to the indomitable spirit of its people. Through her collaborations, she captures the strength and determination of Ukrainian women, using fashion as a medium to empower and inspire.

Marinie goes beyond aesthetics; she amplifies the voices of Ukrainian women and advocates for their rights. By showcasing the beauty that blossoms amidst adversity, she challenges societal norms and encourages women to embrace their individuality.

Model: Lilian Vihareva
Photographer: Tori kaminski
Stylist: Natalie Marinie
МUAH: Love Yourself

Model: Dr Marina Kovalenko
Photographer: Neofitova
Retouch: Ustim
Stylist: Natalie Marinie
MUAH: Viktorias Makeup_Hair

Model: liza Lizunya
Photographer: Belova Oll
Stylist: Natalie Marinie
MUA: Arcy Makeup

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