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Reyhaneh Jibari Malayri

Reyhaneh’s life has ended!
Sarwa Numan

            Name: Reyhaneh Jibari Malayri
            Age: 26 
            Occupation: Interior Designer 
            Charge: In defense of honor
            Verdict : Hanging

Reyhaneh was in her prime, with a career full of achievements, but fate threw her in the way of a former Iranian intelligence officer in 2007, and she was thrown out of Iranian prisons for seven years until her execution in 2014 to end her life, which was shorter than the Tehran spring. According to her account during the investigation and the trial, Reyhaneh stated that the former officer, a 47-year-old military intelligence officer, who deceived her and took her to an empty house under the pretext of taking her opinion on how to design and arrange his office, since she worked as a decorator and was not over 19 years old, tried to assault her. While trying to defend herself, she stabbed him with the knife she always carries with her, which took his life, after he drugged her by serving a drink mixed with an anesthetic. The court didn’t take her word, and they ignored some of the forensic evidence that cleared her of murder. The coroner’s report found a bottle of syrup containing an analgesic that Jabari had been injected with, Amnesty International complained that all the evidence had not been investigated.

The UN human rights rapporteur also stated that the court did not take into account all the evidence, that Jabari’s confessions were forcibly extracted from her, and said the Iranian investigator used the investigation to obtain confessions from Jabari, who was held in a solitary cell for two months before her lawyer was allowed to meet her. From then on to the execution, Rehana has another tale: that of kohardasht, fshavoieh, Evin, Shahr-REI, Ramin, and Tehran’s grand prison. It was confirmed that Reyhaneh’s confessions were extracted under constant torture in Iran’s most notorious prison. Reyhaneh did not give in to the death sentence but made herself a means of communicating the message of the tortured female prisoners in the prisons of the Iranian authority against women. “I am Reyhaneh Jabbari, twenty-six years old, a few steps away from death! the death that a brilliant judge has inflicted on me, and I am not afraid of death, I have experienced death many times in my life ” but enduring injustice and injustice is harder than dying.”

I am Reyhaneh Jabbari I am twenty-six years old carrying a backpack filled with pains I have heard, and I consider myself responsible for expressing what I have learned from the heart of society and the center of crime i.e. prison, for my part I decided to take a step to change the fate of these women, and to emphasize that no woman that falls in doing the forbidden sin unless she experienced rape. Reyhaneh stood like a lioness in the court defending her innocence, the same as she did when she defended her honor. The judge asked her: “why did you kill him?” Answer: in defense of my honor. Judge: not enough reason! “Because you have no honor,” she answered in a voice filled with all the pride of a free woman.

The United Nations has questioned the integrity of the trial and Amnesty International has called for her to be pardoned. Some activists have collected 200,000 signatures to stop Rehana’s execution. Amid international pressure, the Iranian government postponed the execution but all mediation efforts were unsuccessful and the execution was carried out on October 25, 2014. On October 27, 2014, the media revealed Reyhaneh’s will to her mother, saying: “I don’t want to rot in the dirt”, stating that her last will is to donate her organs secretly “to those who need it”. She asked her mother not to mourn her and wear black. “I wish I could hold you until my last breath.”

Reyhaneh’s will

“Dear Shu’la , I learned today that it was my turn to retribution. I feel sorry that you did not tell me that I had reached the end of my journey in life, don’t you think it is my right to know? You know what? I’m ashamed that you’re sad. Why didn’t you give me the chance to kiss your hand and my father’s?

I’ve lived 19 years in this world, and on that fateful night I should’ve been the dead one, my body was to be thrown at some corner in the city. The police will call you days after to the coroner’s office to identify the body, and they will tell you that I was raped, no one would identify the killer because we don’t have their money and their influence. Then you’re going to continue the rest of your life in suffering and shame, and you’re going to die of sorrow in a few years, that’s all.

But that damn hit changed the story. My body was not thrown aside, but deposited in Owen’s solitary cell grave, now in Shahr-Re, which also looks like a grave. Surrender to fate and don’t complain. You know better than me that death is not the end of life. You learned that one comes to this world to gain experience and learn a lesson and with each birth comes a responsibility. I learned that one has to fight sometimes. I remember you told me that a man protested the executioner who beat him with a whip, the latter in turn hit him on the head and face to death. You told me that one must persevere to live up to their value, even if it’s death.

I learned from you that by going to school, I had to be like a lady when facing fights and complaints. Do you remember how strict you were on our behaviors? Your experience was wrong!. When the incident occurred, my principals did not help me. During the trial, I seemed like a cold-blooded killer that doesn’t have a shred of mercy. I didn’t shed a single tear, I didn’t beg anyone and I wasn’t overwhelmed with tears. Because I trusted the law.

But accused of indifference to the crime. You see, I never killed a mosquito and I was throwing cockroaches away, and in a moment I became a premeditated killer. They interpreted my treatment of animals as a tendency to become male, and the judge did not bother to consider that I had long, polished nails at the time.

How optimistic the one who was waiting for justice from the judges. The judge did not pay attention to the softness of my hands, which does not suggest that I was an athlete or a boxer in particular. The country I planted its love in my heart, has rejected me. And no one has helped me as I am under the blows of the investigator and listening to the lowest degrees of insults. After I got rid of what’s left of the beauty mark in my body, they gave me the bonus of 11 days in solitary confinement.

Dear Shu’la, do not cry over what you hear from me now. On my first day at the police station, a single elderly officer abused me because of my nails. I knew that day that beauty is not characteristic of this age. The beauty of appearance, thoughts and desires, the beauty of the handwriting, the beauty of the sight and vision, not even the beauty of the nice voice.

Dear Mom, my philosophy changed and you are not responsible for this. My letter does not end and I handed it to someone who vowed to send it to you after I was executed without your presence or knowledge. But before I die I want to ask you to meet a part of my will. Don’t cry and listen to me well, I want you to go to court, declare my desire, I can’t write this desire from inside the prison, so you’re going to have to suffer for me again. It’s the only thing I wouldn’t be angry if you had to beg for, knowing that you refused to beg to save me from execution.

Dear good mother, Shu’la, the most dear to me from my soul, I do not want to rot under the dirt , I do not want my eyes or my young heart to turn into dust. Beg them to give my heart, my kidneys, my eyes, my liver, my bones, and everything that can be implanted in another body to someone who needs them, once I am executed. I don’t wish for them to know my name, buy me flowers or even pray for me.

I tell you from the bottom of my heart that I don’t want to be put in a grave where you are visiting in pain, I don’t want you to wear black. Do your best to forget my hard days, and leave me to be blown away by the wind. The world did not love me, did not leave me to my fate, I now surrender and meet death with great pride.

Before the court of God I will charge the inspectors and the judges of the Supreme Court who beat me while I was awake and did not hesitate to harass me, before the creator I will charge the doctor “Fronde”, I will charge the “Qasim Shaabani” and all those who have wronged me or violated my rights, whether by ignorance or lies, and did not recognize that truth can’t always be as it appear.

Dear Shu’la of a good heart, in the afterlife we will charge them and they will be charged. Let’s wait for God’s will. I wanted to hold you until I died. I love you.”

The light of her life has blown out, but Reyhaneh has remained and will remain alive in the conscience of all the world who couldn’t save her from wrongful incarceration in a country that does not acknowledge equality or justice.

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