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Yes…. I’m a domestically abused man… Yes, I’m a victim of domestic violence…

Yes…. I’m a domestically abused man… Yes, I’m a victim of domestic violence…

We always write about domestic violence against women and the psychological and physical consequences they often inflict on women, simply because abused women make up the majority of statistics, but we don’t want to ignore violence against men. Yes, there are many abused men, however the number of violent occurrences reported by abused men is significantly fewer than that of women. A woman fights for her safety and rights, while a man’s dignity and social status prohibit him from declaring them. When we learn about such instances, we are frequently taken aback. However, what happened recently with Hollywood icon Johnny Depp brought attention to incidents of abused males.

When we listened to an audio recording of Amber Heard speaking to Johnny that no one will believe you because he is a man “tell the world Johnny, tell the world, I, Johnny Depp, a white man, I’m a victim of domestic violence and look who’s going to believe you, look how many people will support you,” those were her words and when lawyers asked Johnny. How did you answer her? I told her.. Yes, I will. I’ll tell them … It was the last whistle that exceptionally ended the years-long trials of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, which began just two days after their divorce. In 2018, Heard wrote an op-ed in The Washington Post telling her story of physical abuse, and although she didn’t mention her Hollywood vanguard, everyone knew who she was talking about, and accordingly Depp filed a lawsuit for abusing him and his reputation, saying that because of these allegations, his reputation was damaged, he lost many jobs, and he demanded $50 million in compensation. Heard retaliated by filing a similar lawsuit, But a claim for $100 million in compensation.

The trial journey started in 2018, but not until April of this year when it became at its peak. Revealing many shocking information and exposing the lies provided by Amber, including pictures of Depp in shameful situations, where he was surprised that she used to record him. Aiming to portray him to the world as the aggressor. The latest evidence uncovered was through the make-up company, which Amber’s lawyer claimed she was using to cover her bruises and wounds throughout her marriage to Depp, but the make-up company announced in a 15 second video that the “evidence” product was produced in December 2017, after their divorce in 2016. Amber cut Depp’s finger by throwing a bottle at him that cut off the tip of his finger, while claiming that he had beaten her, sexually assaulted her and caused her several injuries, but the doctor’s testimony was not in her favor.

Depp’s team also revealed another surprise that was circulated by the media platforms after its publication, audio evidence of recorded conversation between the couple in which the defendant’s voice clearly shows her telling him that she was not punching him, but hitting him, that he is a wonderful person, but that he must grow up.

In statistics, studies have shown that 25% of men in the USA have experienced sexual violence in their lifetime. Studies show that 16 men in England died as a result of violence from their partner or former partner, compared to 80 women in 2018, according to data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS). According to Mankind, which specializes in protecting male victims of domestic violence, 95% of men who have experienced domestic violence suffer emotional abuse, 68% have suffered physical violence, 41% have experienced psychological violence, and 23% have experienced financial control.

This violence has a significant negative impact on families and children in particular, such as violence against women, and as there is a hotline and shelters for violent women, there is also a hotline and shelters for men who prefer to break out of such toxic relationships to make their way with a new partner without violence. From my side I commend Johnny Depp’s courage in standing up against Heard’s intimidation, proving his innocence, also for not responding to abuse and violence like that, but preferring to get out of such a relationship…

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